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Tom Feldmann

    Minnesota native Tom Feldmann taught himself to play guitar at age 17 after hearing the recordings of the pioneers of acoustic blues and states, "John Lee Hooker taught me how to strum and Muddy Waters taught me how to slide." His debut solo album was released in 1999 and Tom has since spent the years writing, touring and recording his own original gospel compositions as well as carrying on the tradition of solo acoustic blues.

   "Tom Feldmann's tone is usually gritty and lowdown, but also can soar and sound almost angelic." - Vintage Guitar Magazine "Feldmann's supple fingerpicking and lilting tenor gives immediacy to the plea for sense in today's confusing, 24/7 domineering world." - Blues Revue Magazine

Tom Feldmann - Bottleneck Gospel Guitar - DVD
Many southern blues musicians performed and recorded gospel songs; spirituals or church songs as they were called. Some, like Blind Willie Johnson and Edward W. Clayborn, strictly adhered to a religious message earning them the handle "guitar evangelists", while others, like Fred McDowell and Charlie Patton, blurred the socially imposed lines and mingled gospel with the blues. In this anthology of Bottleneck Gospel Guitar Tom Feldmann highlights the fervent and aggressive slide playing of Fred McDowell, Robert Wilkins, Muddy Waters, Bukka White, Blind Willie Johnson, Edward W. Clayborn and Charlie Patton. Each player offers a distinct style and Tom breaks down their techniques allowing you to imitate the masters as well as build a repertoire of classic bottleneck gospel blues. In addition the original old recordings of all the tunes are included. Songs include: "Jesus Is On The Mainline, Wished I Was In Heaven, Why Don't You Live So God Can Use You, I Am In The Heavenly Way, It's Nobody's Fault But Mine, I Got To Cross That River of Jordan, Gospel Train Is Coming, There'll Be Glory, Lord I'm Discouraged, and I'm Going".
(104 min) Printable Tab Booklet........................................Price - $29.95

Tom Feldmann - The Guitar Of Blind Willie Johnson - DVD
Blind Willie Johnson recorded 30 songs from 1927-1930 and of those thirty he used a slide on only 12. There has been much debate about how he played and what he played with, but regardless of "how" or "what" those twelve songs stand as some of the best slide guitar ever recorded. In this lesson Tom Feldmann breaks down the complexities of eight of Johnson's classics. You will see how Johnson created his "as you feel" bass lines by utilizing alternating, monotonic and "brushing" bass techniques. Of course, the defining element of Johnson's songs was his unearthly slide playing which Tom shows in detail teaching you Johnson's strike and slides, pull-offs and vibrato. In addition, the original recordings of all the tunes are included. Songs include: "Bye And Bye I'm Goin' To See The King, You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond, Dark Was The Night Cold Was The Ground, God Don't Never Change, Lord I Just Can't Keep From Crying, Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning, I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole, and Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed".
(128 min) Printable Tab Booklet........................................Price - $29.95

Tom Feldmann - The Guitar Of Bukka White - DVD
Bukka White's slashing slide figures and pounding chords are capable of generating a high level of excitement and capable of leaving dancers joyously exhausted! Yet there is also a sensitivity and a sense of dynamics to his music. Bukka's lyrics ran the gamut from the perceptive to the surreal. The combination of these two voices places Bukka squarely within the blues tradition and in his own unique niche. In this lesson Tom Feldmann takes you through 10 of Bukka White's tunes. Starting off in Vestapol tuning you'll get his right hand "train beat picking" down pat with "Special Streamline". Next you'll learn to master playing in Cross-Note tuning with "Jitterbug Swing, Aberdeen Mississippi Blues, World Boogie, and Sic Em Dogs On". Bukka's approach to Cross-Note tuning set him apart from his contemporaries and will add a new depth to your own playing. You'll learn Bukka's trick of dampening the 3rd string, behind the slide as well as his signature "spank the baby" technique, a real crowd pleaser! Moving into Open G tuning you'll learn "Poor Boy, Fixin' To Die Blues, and Gibson Hill". The lesson finishes with "When Can I Change My Clothes" and "Strange Place Blues" in Standard tuning. These carefully selected songs were chosen on the basis that Bukka used similar patterns for many of his songs and by learning these 10 you're really learning his entire recorded works!
(112 min) Printable Tab Booklet........................................Price - $29.95

Tom Feldmann - Delta Blues Guitar From Dockery Plantation - DVD
Delta blues is one of the earliest styles of blues music. Created by black musicians who lived and worked on the farms in north Mississippi, these men and women drew on influences from church songs, prison songs, African rhythms, and early American folk traditions to fashion a new form of music. Unbeknownst to them, the music created in this relatively small area that lies between the Mississippi and Yazoo Rivers would spread the world over and shape musical history. In this lesson Tom Feldmann takes you to where it all began, Dockery Plantation, dubbed "The Birthplace of the Blues" and highlights the earliest recording artists that gave Dockery its legendary status: Charlie Patton, Son House, Willie Brown, and Tommy Johnson. You will learn a few songs by each artist, giving you a taste of the individuals themselves as well as the genre as a whole. The majority of the lesson is done out of standard tuning, focusing on E, C and A positions. From standard tuning you move to Drop D tuning for Tommy Johnson's "Big Road Blues" and then to Open G (Spanish tuning) for Willie Brown's "Future Blues". Of course no lesson on Delta blues guitar would be complete without a look at bottleneck slide and this lesson is no exception with Feldmann closing with two trailblazers of bottleneck slide, Son House and Charlie Patton. In addition the original recordings of all the tunes are included. Songs include: Standard Tuning: "M & O Blues, Stone Pony Blues, 34 Blues, Morning Prayer Blues, A Down The Staff, Lonesome Home Blues". Drop D Tuning: "Big Road Blues". Spanish Tuning: "Future Blues, Levee Camp Moan, It Won't Be Long".
(152 min) Printable Tab Booklet........................................Price - $29.95

Tom Feldmann - Mississippi Hill Country Blues Guitar - DVD
Mississippi Hill Country Blues Guitar offers a look into the Hill Country technique byway of songs from legendary artists Fred McDowell, R.L. Burnside, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Junior Kimbrough, Rosa Lee Hill and Ranie Burnette. For this lesson Tom Feldmann has compiled a grouping of songs that highlight the individualistic traits of each artist and also gives a well rounded grasp of the genre as a whole. Though many of these artists played slide guitar, Feldmann focuses solely on their non slide arrangements in Open G, Standard, Open D, and Cross-Note tunings. Hypnotic grooves, steady guitar riffs, and few chord changes are the trademark of Mississippi Hill Country Blues and this lesson hands you the keys to some of the greatest examples the genre has to offer. In addition the original recordings of all the tunes are included! Songs include: "Black Cat Bone (Jessie Mae Hemphill), Dough Roller Blues (Ranie Burnette), That's Alright (Fred McDowell), Poor Black Mattie (R.L. Burnside), Jumper Hanging Out On The Line (R.L. Burnside), Meet Me In The City (Junior Kimbrough), Standing In The Doorway Crying (Jessie Mae Hemphill), I'm Crazy About You Baby (Fred McDowell), Count The Days Until I'm Gone (Rosa Lee Hill)".
(117 min) Printable Tab Booklet........................................Price - $29.95

Tom Feldmann - The Guitar Of Son House - 2 DVD Set
In the years before World War II, Son House created some of the purest, most powerful Mississippi Delta blues on record. Playing with partners Charley Patton and Willie Brown, he exerted a profound influence on Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters, both of whom copied his music and carried it to new generations. House's influence still echoes through the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and many other musicians. In this course Tom Feldmann takes you step by step through 15 classic Son House tunes that span every phase of Son's recorded career. This is undoubtedly the most extensive look into the music of Son House and the techniques he developed ever presented! Disc One highlights 8 songs in Spanish tuning (Open G). Disc Two focuses on 7 songs using the Vestapol tuning (Open D), Standard tuning, and most surprising to students of House's playing, Cross-Note tuning. Also included on DISC TWO is a bonus interview with Stefan Grossman where he talks extensively about meeting Son House and recording with him. Rare performances of Son House following his re-discovery are used throughout the lesson. Songs include: Open G Tuning: "Death Letter Blues, My Black Mama, Low Down Dirty Dog Blues, The Jinx Blues, Special Rider Blues, Walkin' Blues (from 1930), Dry Spell Blues, County Farm Blues". Open D Tuning: "Shetland Pony Blues, Preachin' The Blues, This Little Light of Mine". Cross-Note Tuning: "Clarksdale Moan". Standard Tuning: "Depot Blues, Am I Right Or Am I Wrong, Walkin' Blues (from 1940)".
(240 min) Printable Tab Booklet........................................Price - $39.95

Tom Feldmann - The Gospel Guitar Of Mississippi John Hurt - DVD
Mississippi John Hurt is certainly renowned for his blues songs, whether tales of murder like "Stack O'Lee" and "Frankie" or the tongue-in-cheek "Candy Man Blues", yet it is his gospel songs that may more accurately reflect the heart of the man himself; gentle yet powerful, simple yet substantial. In this lesson Tom Feldmann takes you step by step through Mississippi John Hurt's most celebrated and inspiring gospel songs in the keys of G, C, D and E. Whether beginner or intermediate you will learn to pick in the distinctive "John Hurt" style and build a large repertoire of classic gospel country blues. In addition the original old recordings of all the tunes are included! Titles include: "Do Lord Remember Me, Here I Am Oh Lord Send Me, Blind Man Sit In The Way And Cried, Since I've Laid My Burden Down, Weeping and Wailing, Blessed Be The Name, Praying On The Old Camp Ground, Nearer My God To Thee, Beulah Land and Oh Mary Don't You Weep".
(104 min) Printable Tab Booklet........................................Price - $29.95

Tom Feldmann - The Guitar Of Fred McDowell - 2 DVD Set
Who hasn't been influenced by Mississippi Fred McDowell. Imitated by just about everyone that has picked up a slide, his impact has spread the world over. With so many trying to figure out exactly how he played, we are so fortunate to have a lesson like this one where we get to learn from the man himself. The footage of Fred McDowell seen in this lesson is a treasure because it's as if it was filmed with us, the students of McDowell's style, in mind. With clear shots of his left and right hands, it's like your own private lesson with the master himself. DISC ONE is devoted to footage of Fred McDowell performing many of his classic tunes in Open E tuning. After each performance, Tom Feldmann breaks down Fred's techniques and then goes to the split screen, playing the song slowly as you play along. DISC TWO is devoted to the recordings of McDowell in Open A tuning. Tom performs this time around as none of the available footage has McDowell performing in Open A. Songs include: Open E Tuning: "When I Lay My Burden Down, Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning, John Henry, Break 'Em On Down, Louise, Mojo Hand, I Heard Somebody Call". Open A Tuning: "Write Me A Few Lines, Been Drinking Out of A Hollow Log, Fred's Worried Life Blues, The Train I Ride, Kokomo Blues".
(220 min) Printable Tab Booklet........................................Price - $39.95

Tom Feldmann - The Guitar Of Charlie Patton - 2 DVD Set
Charlie Patton, considered the "Father of the Delta Blues," is generally recognized as the most influential blues artist active in the first decades of the 20th century. No single individual can be credited with "inventing" the Delta blues style but Patton was one of the first mainstream stars of the Delta blues genre. Old fashioned and modern at the same time, Patton's music bridged the musical traditions of the 19th century while simultaneously creating a framework of his own that would inspire just about every other blues musician from that point on. In this double DVD lesson, Tom Feldmann gives you a detailed look at 18 of Patton's most celebrated tunes. Making this the definitive Charlie Patton lesson. DVD One is dedicated to songs in standard tuning, covering C, E, A, and F positions. You'll learn Patton's relaxed right hand strum, top tapping technique, and of course his signature licks as you work through songs like, "Down The Dirt Road Blues" and "Pony Blues". DVD Two focuses in on Patton's bottleneck slide and non-slide numbers in Spanish (Open G) and Vestapol (Open D) turnings. Songs like: "Banty Rooster Blues, When Your Way Gets Dark, Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues" will become heavy hitters in your blues arsenal. In addition the original recordings of all the tunes are included! Songs include: "Poor Me, Down the Dirt Road Blues, Green River Blues, Jim Lee Blues, Some of These Days I'll Be Gone, Pony Blues, Devil Sent the Rain, Shake It and Break, Tom Rushen Blues, High Sheriff Blues, Hammer Blues (Take 1 & 2), Banty Rooster Blues, Mississippi Bo Weavil Blues, When Your Way Get's Dark, Pea Vine Blues, Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues, High Water Everywhere, A Spoonful Blues".
(247 min) Printable Tab booklet........................................Price - $39.95

Tom Feldmann - The Roots Of Robert Johnson - DVD
It's fair to say that we wouldn't have songs like Kindhearted Woman Blues, Traveling Riverside Blues, Preaching Blues or Hellhound On My Trail without Blue Day Blues (Scrapper Blackwell), Roll and Tumble Blues (Hambone Willie Newburn), Preaching the Blues (Son House) or Devil Got my Woman (Skip James). And in Roots of Robert Johnson Tom Feldmann takes you verse-by-verse through those songs, and many others, that played such an integral role in Robert Johnson's own recordings. Covering a wide range of styles, techniques, keys, and tunings, this lesson will expand your range as a player and take you on the musical journal that created one of history's most lauded blues guitarists. In addition the original recordings of all the tunes are included! Songs include: Standard Tuning: "Lead Pencil Blues" (Johnnie Temple), "Blue Day Blues" (Scrapper Blackwell), "Life Saver Blues" (Lonnie Johnson) Open G Tuning: "Police Station Blues" (Peetie Wheestraw), "My Black Mama" (Son House), "Roll and Tumble Blues" (Hambone Willie Newburn) Open D Tuning: "Preaching the Blues" (Son House) Cross-Note Tuning: "Devil Got my Woman" (Skip James).
(114 min) Printable Tab booklet........................................Price - $29.95

Tom Feldmann - The Guitar Of Robert Johnson - 3 DVD Set
Robert Johnson is arguably the most well known figure in the history of the blues. Though the 29 songs Johnson recorded from 1936-1937 had little impact during his lifetime, a collection of his singles, entitled King of the Delta Blues Singers was released in 1961 and found widespread recognition. Then, 30 years later, The Complete Recordings of Robert Johnson was released selling over one million copies. The first blues recording to do so, winning a Grammy in the process. Since that 1961 LP, players from all different musical backgrounds have sought to learn Robert Johnson's techniques and in this 3 DVD set, with about 6 hours of instruction, Tom Feldmann covers every aspect of Johnson's playing. Each song is performed by Feldmann before he dissects the arrangement verse-by-verse and ends with a split screen segment where the song is played slowly with close up shots of both the left and right hands. This is the most expansive look into the guitar playing of Robert Johnson produced in video form. DVD One: Standard Tuning: "Kind Hearted Woman, Phonograph Blues, 32-20 Blues, A Blues Variations (Dead Shrimp Blues, Little Queen of Spades, Honeymoon Blues), I'm a Steady Rolling Man, Sweet Home Chicago, Love In Vain, From Four 'Til Late". Drop D Tuning: "Malted Milk". Cross-Note Tuning: "Hellhound on My Trail". DVD Two: Spanish Tuning: "Stop Breakin' Down Blues, Walking Blues, Come On In My Kitchen, Last Fair Deal Gone Down, Stones In My Passway with Variations for Terraplane Blues and Milkcow Blues, Cross Road Blues, Traveling Riverside Blues". DVD Three: Spanish Tuning: "If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day". Vestapol Tuning (Open E Tuning): "Rambling on my Mind, I Believe I'll Dust My Broom, Preaching Blues". Standard Tuning: "They're Red Hot".
(352 min) Printable Tab booklet........................................Price - $49.95

Tom Feldmann - The Guitar Of Frank Stokes - DVD
Frank Stokes grew up playing the Blues before WWI, when it was just an obscure local folk music from the north of the Mississippi Delta. His tremendous voice and skillful guitar work helped to popularize the Blues as he toured all over the South in Doc Watts Medicine Show, provided entertainment at parties and fish-fries where he was invited to play, and 'busking' in the streets for spare change. Frank played in Jack Kelly's Jug Busters, as the Jug Band craze took hold in the 1920s. Together with Dan Sane they became known as 'The Beale Street Sheiks', sometimes adding Will Betts on fiddle, and often being invited to play for white audiences. He recorded 38 sides for Paramount and Victor, including his blend of blues, ragtime, minstrel tunes, and popular songs which made his repertoire one of the most interesting of its time. With the arrival of the Great Depression and the decrease in recording opportunities, Stokes and Sane went back to playing street corners, occasional circuses, and traveling shows. He passed away September 12, 1955. In this DVD, Tom Feldmann teaches the ins and outs of 10 classic Frank Stokes arrangements in C, D, A, G, and E. This a great lesson for players of all levels looking to build a repertoire of blues and good-time tunes. In addition the original recordings of all the tunes are included. Songs include: "Take Me Back, Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do, I Got Mine, How Long, Mr. Crump Don't Like It, Stomp That Thing, Memphis Rounders Blues, Bedtime Blues, Sweet To Mama, Mistreatin' Blues".
(83 min) Printable Tab Booklet..........................................Price - $29.95

Tom Feldmann - The Guitar Of Skip James - 2 DVD Set
Skip James is perhaps the most stylistically original of the blues performers from the Mississippi River Delta region, with his unusual Dm (Cross-Note) tuning, haunting falsetto vocals, and an intense, variable marriage of music and text. James made a number of recordings for Paramount before the Great Depression carried him into obscurity, but those recordings would form the basis of his reputation and secure him as one of the legends of that classic era of blues. In this 2 DVD set Tom Feldmann brings you through Skip's classic 1931 blues recordings as well as a few fan favorites from his rediscovery years, Crow Jane, Worried Blues, Look Down the Road and All Night Long. Nearly all of the 1931 guitar recordings were played using Cross-Note tuning. DVD One is dedicated to those songs with Feldmann teaching you every aspect of Skip's playing in this tuning. DVD Two continues with two more classics in Cross-Note tuning and then turns to Standard tuning for songs in D and E positions and ends with Skip's lone Spanish tuning (Open G) recording, "Special Rider Blues". In addition the original 1931 recordings of the songs covered are included as well as live footage of Skip James from the 1966 Newport Folk Festival. DVD One: Cross-Note Tuning: "Cypress Grove Blues, Devil Got My Woman, Yola My Blues Away, Hard Time Killing Floor, Cherry Ball Blues, Four O'Clock Blues, Hard Luck Child". DVD Two: Cross-Note Tuning: "Illinois Blues, I'm So Glad". Standard Tuning: "Drunken Spree, Crow Jane, Worried Blues, Look Down the Road, All Night Long". Spanish Tuning: "Special Rider Blues".
(114 min) Printable Tab Booklet........................................Price - $39.95

Tom Feldmann - Masters Of Bottleneck Blues Guitar - 2 DVD Set
The blues recorded from the late 1920's thru late 1930's is certainly some of the most vibrant sounds in American music history. It seems that anyone and everyone could and would be recorded which created a catalog of stylistic diversity unmatched to date. The technique of using a slide, whether a metal tube, glass bottleneck or a knife was used by many of these early bluesmen. This course offers a look into the players from that era that used this technique. Many had only one or two patterns by which they played but we have the great fortune of gleaning from them all, creating a well rounded grasp of the genre. Tom Feldmann is a master of this style and in these two DVDs, of over four hours, he breaks down the complexities of this way of playing. Songs range from beginner to advanced. Most songs have a mixture of chords and fingered notes in addition to the slide, making this a great lesson for those looking to expand their knowledge of the bottleneck/slide technique as well as the Open D and Open G tunings. In addition the original recordings of all the tunes are included. Songs include: Open G Tuning: Bobby Grant: "Nappy Headed Blues". Lead Belly: "C.C. Rider", Blind Willie McTell: "Love Changing Blues", Barbecue Bob: "Yo Yo Blues", Curley Weaver: "No No Blues", Charley Lincoln: "Depot Blues", Bo Weavil Jackson: "You Can't Keep No Brown", Open D Tuning: Ramblin' Thomas: "Shake It Gal", Furry Lewis: "Falling Down Blues", Peg Leg Howell: "Skin Game Blues", King Solomon Hill: "Down On My Bended Knee", Sam Collins: "The Jailhouse Blues", Kokomo Arnold: "Rainy Night Blues", Tampa Red: "Boogie Woogie Dance", Bumble Bee Slim: "No Woman No".
(247 min) Printable Tab Booklet........................................Price - $39.95

Tom Feldmann - Bottleneck Slide Guitar For Beginners - DVD
There is nothing like the feel of a bottleneck sliding across your strings nor the sound that comes forth as it screams, growls and moans. What other tool can create the sweat or raw emotion of the human voice? But some believe that there is a sort of mystery behind the use of a bottleneck slide, but the reality is that anyone can learn to do it! In this lesson Tom Feldmann teaches you the very basics of how to play with a bottleneck slide. Starting with the most important step, producing a single note, Tom then takes you through many simple exercises getting you comfortable sliding on single, double and multiple strings. Starting in Open D (Vestapol) tuning, Tom uses Bukka White's "Jitterbug Swing" for the single string slide exercise, Robert Wilkins' "I Wished I Was In Heaven" for double string exercise, an Elmore James style shuffle for a multiple string exercise and closes with "Guitar Rag" by Sylvester Weaver which brings together all of the elements in one wonderful instrumental. Since the basics were covered in Open D, the lesson closes with two songs in Open G (Spanish) tuning. Charley Patton's "I'm Going Home" and Bobby Grant's "Nappy Headed Blues". These two songs will give you a solid foundation for single, double and multiple string slide in Open G tuning. Vibrato, left and right hand damping, as well as alternating and monotonic bass are discussed in detail and used throughout the lesson.
(115 min) Printable Tab Booklet........................................Price - $29.95

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